I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Ex follows my blog

I guess I should feel honored, right?  I mean I am pretty fabulous and I am sure he is still devestated by me leaving him. 
I found out that he was a avid follower of my blog in court during our divorce trial.....silly boy.  He tried to use my sarcasm against me.  I found it funny that he didn't bring up the 'lice' post or others...hmmmm.

But thanks Jason   you confirm that I must have a million anonymous followers which is why I have made over $6.12 from my blog since April....
oops, maybe I shouldn't write then since he will want half of it!!!!

Well better get moving here, I have to pick up the kids from his 'weekend'  since he still has no license to drive  going on three years now from the last OUI arrest.


  1. If your the mom, taking care you children, work part-time, why in hell does he want Half of YOUR money - he's the idiot that destroyed your family and he is supposedly the "man" to support his children and instead he wants to TAKE from you? What kind of monster is this idiot? Taking his children's home from right under thier feet? I'm sure many of your followers would support you in court any day! LOSER EX! LOSER LOSER LOSER - I hope you read this you idiot LOSER!

  2. thanks, Giget. ♥ He wins, in a way, since he vowed to spend every dime we had in the bank (that we would have split) and he basically did... just got my finaly $$$ whippee. 12K instead of 30K it would have been without my legal costs....