I miss you

I miss you

Friday, June 1, 2012


Ah,  Prom Season.
I never went to a prom.
My brother
(a year younger)
went to about 8 proms.
I kid you not.

My daughters went to proms and
is my baby boy 
and his pretty date.

I have 4 more children
'til this 
nonsense will end.
I work at a hair salon.
we have these teens come in
for $65 updos.
The saddest phone call I got a few weeks ago
was a mom
cancelling her daughter's appointment
her daughter and boyfriend had broken up.
For those of you teen girls who are not worried 
or think you are above it all
I am 48
(49 in 12 days) 
I still think of the missed 
missed dress
missed hopes and Cinderella dreams.
But then again I guess I didn't get drunk and puke on an expensive dress

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  1. Dont feel bad..I never went to a single prom or dance either..Sometimes I felt like I missed out, but then other times I really didnt care..The only high school event I went to was Senior banquet..and that was with a bunch of friends..no dates..but it was fun anyway...