I miss you

I miss you

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DCF -- come clean

How I wish DCF MA would come clean with their lies.
Their budgets are increased by the amount of children they steal.
Then their case workers are encouraged to fabricate stories,
 exaggerate what happened ... and poof your children are gone.
They will believe a vindictive X
.......... when they were slammed with evidence
 that he is not a capable parent.
The laugh will be on him once they take them away from him too.
Then they will be gone.
My babies lost forever.
I know about the DCF lying tactics.... but there is no way to fight them
  .... Not even a Probate Judge's orders have any power over them,.
A lawyer is expensive and gets you nowhere.  
You are encouraged to be best friends with the parasite that stole your children.
She is the only link you have.
And she will use your words against you, make up lies about you...
 The Truth will  NOT set you free.
The incompetence from the DCF office in Plymouth is disgusting.
Cries from the case worker of understaffing
and illness  --- mean nothing to me.
The ombudsman from Boston was useless.
His 'review' consisted of reading the case workers
this is life or death.... MY FLESH and BLOOD
were stolen.
By the way  I didn't hurt my kids.
at all
Jason Beasley my ex husband has manipulated and
alienated my babies .....
His accomplice is Amy A. Miller DCF


  1. I noticed your blog when you joined mine. I am also affected by maternal alienation. To make matters worse, my kids stepmother and father have posed as me online to make both me and my current husband look bad, because they really don't like him at all. They blame him for alienating me from my children, when they have been guilty of the alienation by badmouthing both me and him, and encouraging my children to falsely accuse him of abuse.

    1. Thank you Elaine. I am sorry you are hurting due to maternal alienation.. It is brutal yet so hard for any 'officials' to see.
      God Bless you and your family.