I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Privacy..... but it sounds so lovely pronounced with in the British way.  {Priv~ acy}  not in the American way {PRI  vacy}

anyway   Priv acy...
’We have a love-hate relationship. He’s madly in love with me, and I hate his guts.’ by Jung, Normanwish I had some. 
But then again X is totally lost without me. 
  Afterall who can run to the store for another 12 pack of Bud and Marlboros?  Well, he could but as an enabling freak, I would go instead so he wouldn't drive.

But I wish he had another focus in his life...  Face the facts X~~ you pushed the judge too far and you LOST! 

ah, but the good thing is you still can't drive (legally).  So not much of a help as a parent out here in the 'burbs but it keeps you out of my neighborhood.

And I wish I had a bedroom~~ a private oasis for just me.  But I am often accused of being selfish.... of course I am since I gave up my bedroom 2 years ago so my teen daughters would not have to share a room....
silly me, being so selfish.

The worst part is teen daughter and X hate each other -- well she hates him, anyway.  So she never goes over to superDad's on the weekend, selfishly I am pissy I never get a weekend ALONE to tend to my selfish needs .

Anyway I trudge to work, home, kids' practices, grocery, doc appts.,  then slave at dishes, laundry, cleaning, yard care etc.... to be accused of being self centered.  And, dang it, never even one second to spend with my grandbabies....geesh  they are gonna hate  me too.   F*&k,

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