I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time for EXes.

Thought I should devote some time to my exes here today.  After all my blog is about them, too.

                             Beater - Cheater
that just about sums them up.   #1 liked to beat me  #2 liked to cheat on me

great guys both of them really....  for someone else.

not much else to say but
on a serious note
              if your man is hitting you, controlling you, making you feel like shit....the time to run is NOW!!!!  
 misogynists come in many shapes and sizes....  read the book  MEN WHO HATE WOMEN, AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM.   it was helpful for me.


  1. So sad that this is happening everyday. Hugs to you. and bravo for getting out.

  2. A vital message. And what a better legacy for all those beautiful girls in your family picture. Congratulations on your escape from the cycle of violence. Wondering if #2 really is a great guy for someone else if he hit you.