I miss you

I miss you

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fairy Tales and Children's Movies

The Child Cutter
Just about enough to scare you for a few nights after watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
and who can forget this
next one with the wonderful step mom and weak spineless dad
so glad my parents are still married and we didn't get an evil stepmother
and serious issues with this Evil Queen  relying on a mirror to tell her she is the fairest of them all.
wait for a guy with beer goggles on for that then you won't have to look for the pretty one shacking up with those 7 midgets.
so this is me, actually today...exhausted by a day of cleaning.
had to tell my prince I couldn't go to the bar with him tonight
so he probably is talking to
these ugly snots and their mother 
It's all good in fairy tale 'hood.

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