I miss you

I miss you

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheaper by the Dozen

Well, I am short 4 so that's why it is so expensive!

I remember this movie (the old version-starring Clifton Webb)
I loved his discipline and control over his family.  The whistling to get them to line up.
 And of course, they had household help.

Almost like the Duggars but without the weird clothes and 'J' names.

And there is my favorite TV show from my childhood
   'Eight is Enough'  --- I guess I followed that prediction ;)   

Even the Brady Bunch with only 6 kids had a housekeeper
.  That's how to make a household run smoothly.

Yours, Mine and Ours was a good movie, too.   but the newer version starred my favorite guy
Dennis Quaid.
any movie with Dennis is sure to be great!

Any hoo this is my family
or is this my family?

but I must say, having a big family is great!  If a friend is having a party and needs more guests, one quick call to me and shazam!!  party is huge.  And there is no need to set up playdates for the kids, either.


  1. This post is SO funny! : ) Love it. Very creative. My best friend has 3 girls and she is living with a man with 3 boys. I hate him but his kids are ducky! I hope you stay happy forever. Good luck!

  2. @Life with Kaishon---thank you...I am blessed ♥