I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 Things I Really Want for Christmas { I want a four slice toaster}

1. World Peace.  This won't happen until Jesus returns and judges us and makes a New World  so that kind of scares me yet at the same time I can't wait  (except for the judging part -- Yikes)
2. For all of my 8 children to live happy, fulfilled lives.

3. For my 4 grandchildren to be healthy and happy forever.

4. For my parents and family to be healthy and happy

5. A four slice toaster.  (How ridiculous is it that with 5 kids still at home I have a 2 slice toaster. I spend so much time each morning popping bagels in and out)

6. My 5 babies (ages 17 - 6 that live at home)  to keep their rooms clean and help me around the house-- yardwork, dishes, vacuuming, pet care, respect their home, love their siblings and give me some free time to rest my weary bones.

7. A big house with 5 bedrooms and more than one bathroom and a small yard (not this big mess of 6 acres to care for)

8. Organization

9. a Harley Davidson for me.... ya, so first I need to learn how to ride one. but think of how cool I will look!!

10. Healthcare for all US citizens.... free for the elderly... small co-pays for the rest of us.

11. My Ex to leave me alone and move out of state.  (THANK YOU)

12. Books and more books... I love to read.


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