I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Dreaded Follow-thru

Dag Nabbit!!!!
Two weeks ago I threatened my kids by vowing not to get a Christmas Tree if they don't clean their rooms and the upstairs hall.  

Yesterday they replied to my reminder by saying
 "oh, well, we are getting one this weekend at Dad's"


What will I do without a Tree???
I hate sticking to my guns.  Damn! I need a Christmas Tree...a real one.  One that was once alive and now has been cut down and shipped down to Massachusetts for me to shove into my mini van and bring home and forget to water.

Should I get  a real small one and hide it in my room?

Please tell my kids to clean up.


  1. LOL - you can do what my parents do now. Keep a 3 foot tree fully decorated in a trash bag and whip it out a few weeks before xmas every year. Then Christmas night - it's back in the bag until the following year.

  2. I have decided (due to the advice from co-workers and clients) to get a small tree for my bedroom. AND I won't let any kids in! HA if they can act like 2 yr olds, so can I.