I miss you

I miss you

Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy Talk

When I listen to myself explain the horror of my life... I think  "Wow, that chic is talking crazy talk'  'She is a paranoid freak"
I sound like a conspiracy theorist .... Like I should be working with Fox and Mulder.  Geesh.
But my life is like The Twilight Zone

It looks the same but it is all messed up.

The father of my 4 youngest children has gone insane due to his rage toward me.
He has tried through the court system and failed to acquire custody. So he turned to the
state run terrorist organization.... DCF.   He has coerced my babies to lie for him,
 possibly blow in his car breathalyzerh
his is similar to this one.... must be a conversation starter when he takes kids to playdates and such.

anyway in his blood lust to steal my babies
he has brainwashed the 3 youngest girls
forced them to lie to DCF
and now, low and behold the State has
stolen my 3 little ones
let him be the foster parent....with a breathalyzer and a VA determination of 100% PTSD disability..

He has played this well except for the State having custody.
I know he will soon mess up
and then  since I am so horrible and my babies are so afraid of me
they will steal the kids and
place them elsewhere.
For the record  I do not do drugs
I have a job
A driver's license (no puffy)
I am not on gov't assistance
I have never been arrested
2 of my kids still live with me (the others are all grown up)
so I can't be all that bad.
I never have hurt my children.
Well, I didn't buy them laptops though , so maybe that is why they hate me.

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  1. Beyond surreal! OMG where to begin - better to have kids afraid of you and LIVING with you than not be afraid and DYING with him. None of his history matters to DCF? Incomprehensible!