I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Days Off

-this is just a light fluffy post-

If you're a working housewife/mom/female, your days off are usually busier than a workday.  I am 'lucky' to have a day off during the  work week.  It makes it easy to schedule doctor's appointments for myself and the kids.  Get my banking done... (not much of that --basically check in ... .bills out--- negative balance juggling),  File court papers against X,  go to registry to renew license/registration.  Most important the visit to my psychologist....oh, ya!!

Today is my day 'off'.  
I have Bible Study from 9-10ish
          Shrink  at 11:30
          Meeting at 1:30
          another at 4.

Thankfully I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon ---and hopefully for the last time this year!

Wednesday I can't wait to get to work and relax    :)

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