I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be Brave

Be Brave
Be Strong
Stand up for those you love
I say this to people who love
or know me.
It is dangerous to stand by me.


I do appreciate those who aren't
afraid of evil.
Those who boldly stand by my side
and speak the truth.
There are few of you.
For those of you that are afraid
I understand.
You have seen the damage
that (he) can do.

(He) will make up lies about your loved ones.
(He) attacks those most dear to you
in order to weaken you ......

(He) will make up lies about you.

(he) will brainwash your babies against you
(he) will turn his whole family
that used to love you, against you
and make them lie in court
just to stay in his good graces.
(he) will lie to government agencies

(he) will manipulate alleged professionals
to agree with him until they
have a nervous breakdown and
have to be removed from their
perjure himself in court under oath
to get his way

and yet if you love me or my children
you will be brave,  won't you?
Stand up to EVIL.

Gloves are back on,
Mouth guard in place
Bible in hand.
I am ready to fight 'til the end
Join me?