I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hold Me (Accountable)

While I would like to be held and snuggled that's not what this is about.
I did it...
I pre-registered for a race/walk
Luckily it's only 5.5K
and you get a free lunch after!!!

and how long is a kilometer?
maybe I registered too soon
but really they were offering a free T-shirt to the first 100
............ordered a large of course but maybe I should have
selected the XL...

ok not that bad....
it's all for a good cause.

So please hold me accountable
and get me to 'training'...

I used to run 2 miles a day pushing a jog stroller.
I haven't in 3 years
and I smoke
so it will be an uphill battle.
Hold Me.

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