I miss you

I miss you

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pondering Life

Life without my 3 youngest children has not been easy
(understatement of the year)
I have learned that bad things happen to people
who are just living a life obeying the rules.
I have learned that no one in authority
wants to hear or read the truth.
It is all about appearances and lies.
This is difficult for me to accept.
I have been silenced into obedience
in order to get some slim visitation with one
of my babies....and the dangling hope of
maybe seeing the other girls.
I find this frustrating because
I am not afraid of the truth
Only liars are afraid of  the truth.
Well, it is my truth....I guess everyone
has their own versions

I am not ready to make nice.
I am not ready to back down
I am still mad as hell

Who am I with out all my children?

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