I miss you

I miss you

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Ten Reasons not to get Married (female)

The top ten, well, actually the ten off the top of my head reasons not to get married.
1.  You can keep your last name
2.  You are in charge of the remote control and covers
3.  No one to rush home to make supper for when you are at the beach with your friends
4.  No one to be disappointed in for not pitching in with the house work
5.  You won't have to share the lottery winnings.
6.  You don't have to ask where they want to go for dinner
7.  Vacation planning is your choice
8.  While you're watching football you can stare at the guys' butts
9.  The toilet seat is just as you left it
10.  You'll never be disappointed that he forgot your birthday (again)

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