I miss you

I miss you

Monday, November 18, 2013

Diet-- yes it is a four letter word and one of the worst.

The weight had really crept up... Like 10 pounds more than I was 9 months pregnant.  Ya, a lot.
  Okay tried Atkin's again  for like 5 seconds.  Just because I can eat chicken, bacon and eggs 'til I explode doesn't mean it will work.
I admitted to myself that I am an emotional eater.  Yes my life is stressful (whose isn't?)  Try to ask myself
"Are you really hungry or just bored?"  All that psycho babble worked for about a day and a half.
So I have found a constructive solution.
Yes, there you have it.
I can't snack while I watch TV if I have an afghan on my lap....
chocolate stains you know.

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  1. I knit, cheese puffs and a cream sweater do not mix well. I also avoid snacks while distracted, I have been known to demolish a bag of chips while watching a movie >.<