I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Lice Life

No that is not a typo.  
It is that subject that all moms dread.
It all started years back when my daughter's kids got it....Ugh.
Felt pity, helped her comb out ....
{secretly glad it wasn't us here}

then whamo....last Fall.
all four (long haired) girls.   you  guessed it.

Since then it has been a battle.  Yet, as the oldest girl at home felt no longer the need to visit her father, she no longer was in the battle.
Yup, just the three youngest were in the nit pickin' festival.
Yes, I did all the required----pillows, blankets, sheets, couches  on and on
Killed those lice and combed out their future offspring.
Once again, this morning--seriously.

Of course he is not to blame...heaven forbid.   Yet, he never even saw what they look like nor combed them out   yet claimed to be taking all precautions and to be pro active.  funny.

Oh, crap.
gotta go
my head is itchy now

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