I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spouting Off

One of my  daughters went on a whale watch today.  One of the many joys of public schools!!!  And she got me thinking of whales  and their spouts.

If only land mammals could blow off steam in such a way. 

Well now we can.   BLOG!
funny how many  people take it ssssssooooooooooooooo   seriously.
Yes I have  8 kids --(all from my womb---no  C section)

yes I love them so very much I would jump in front of a speeding locomotive . / or shell out over $14,000 to keep custody of them.

So to all of my anonymous readers....I Love MY KIDS!!!!!!    and my 4 terrific perfect grandchildren and their Baby daddies/mommas.  

I have been at this wonderful job for 30 years.  How is that for job security.?  I will still be at it when I am 60 and my baby is 18. 

Okay, so now who will change Mom's diapers?

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