I miss you

I miss you

Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I have been meaning to do

Oh boy, where to start.
Clean my Room.  which involves finding hangars for my clothes and putting them in the closet.   The most recent way of dealing with such has been to put them on my bed and then at night throw them on my table.  
And again in the  morning I put them back on my bed as a reminder.  So I need to find hangars for them .

Totally gut the bedroom shared by 3 girls.  This will include washing the walls.  They decided while painting with water colors a few months back, to splatter the walls with assorted colors.  Very artistic yet it clashes with the stacks of dirty cups and filthy socks.

Toy boxes- my youngest is 5 and mainly only plays with her doll house.  There is no longer a need for all those preschool toys. 

Organize my paperwork....AKA  mountains of bills I cannot afford to pay, legal invoices that make me cry, birth certificates that need to be filed and safely stored,  court papers in chronological order so I am armed and ready for the big day.

Rewire the house since the electrical outlets have failed in many of the rooms.....funny how the old knob and tube wiring still works fine!  Fix the plumbing ....the bathroom sink drain  unusable for months now,    Reroof the house before it leaks.   Install a new furnace,  

Fill a dumpster with all the junk in the yard left behind by Ex's weirdo friend.    Weed whack.   trim shrubbery, cut back the wisteria that has taken over the yard, and the bittersweet, too.

Wow---today is gonna be busy!!!  


  1. Wow! You're willing to fix your roof? You are an inspiration! I'm very unwilling to hang some shelves that The Man Beast has yet to get to (maybe he needs his own "Things I've Been Meaning to Do" list?), let alone fix a roof!

  2. LOVE this... "Very artistic yet it clashes with the stacks of dirty cups and filthy socks." Hahaha!

    Thanks for linking up!
    The Lazy Mom