I miss you

I miss you

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost fooled by a predator

Thankful for another submission from a guest blogger....
 what would I do without you all  ♥

well, actually she just emailed me this but ... maybe
she will blog soon.
  Let's call her fool me once

"I was almost fooled once.
so  tempted by his charms
and openness
that I almost believed his lies
and fed him===  A WOLF==
 my children.

He was sly and cunning in an
undefinable way.

understanding to to world of
a single mother
and her brood.
  watch out for him
he will tell you his weaknesses
and how others mistake his
He will blame their confusion
on ignorance.

He will get you to trust him
and feel safe with him.

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