I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This picture sums it up.
When I am pulled in one too many directions
I just shut down.

I will reply to requests with the above

this is where all your stuff is going

maybe I should work
outside the home FULL Time---  part-time only is just
too exhausting.

someone to take the children
to their appointments, sports, play dates.  someone to clean and cook for us,
send out birthday cards, plan parties, pay the bills, do laundry, get the car
serviced, walk the dog, rub my back.....

what I really need is a back hoe.
and a dumpster.

If you run into my kids at their numerous activities and such remind them that their mom is almost 50
and getting tired.


  1. The mom is suppose stop doing shut for the ungrateful ones which means anyone over the age if 6. Remember what Nancy Regan said??? JUST SAY NO

  2. About 3 years ago I stopped caring if my house was clean, and I learned to say "you can go if you have a ride at least one-way". I'm a lot calmer, more carefree, and happier. I don't go into the kids rooms anymore. Let them live in their own shit, and if they treat me with disrespect, I remind them that I WILL say no next time they ask me for something. It works - I'm a more relaxed person.

  3. Thank you-- Giget.... good advice <3