I miss you

I miss you

Friday, March 30, 2012

-Free Advice Friday-

As always  you get what you pay for, right?

1.  If you don't play your Mega Millions numbers you have NO chance to win.
2.  Just say NO when your Mom offers to fly out and decorate the nursery
3.  Breastfeed.
4.  Fox 25 morning news is just not the same without Dougie and Kim
5.  A little stressed lately since my boyfriend had a heart attack on Saturday.  So anyway it's never too late/early to start taking care of your BODY.  exercise, eat well, remove stress.
6.  Welcoming suggestions for teen reform.  I failed initially at teaching my kids how to live respectfully and be helpful---but it's never too late
7.  The government should offer free vasectomies and tubal ligations
8.  Cats are smarter than dogs and just as loving
9.  If a man hits you once-he will hit you again (and again)
10. Do not wear a hoodie
11. Pajama pants in public are allowable if you are under the age of 7--- No exceptions.
12. Lovely owners of muffin tops (I am one)  BUY pants one size bigger!  You will actually look slimmer.
13.  Spend more time away from your computer/laptop/i-phone/i-pad---- enjoy the real world.

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