I miss you

I miss you

Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Advice Friday

Here we are again -- Friday.

And now for my fabulous advice:(mostly stuff I need to do for myself)

1.  You're never too old to get healthy and fit
2.  When it is just easier to do it yourself--- STOP---  it's not all about you!
this could be a learning moment for your children/others
3.  COFFee
4.  Get organized--- it will save time and aggravation
5.  Read a book
6.  Wow this advice is lame
7.  Dance in the morning in your PJs
8.  Tell people who bring you down or hurt you to buzz off
9.  Have your teeth cleaned twice a year (this one is for you Caren)
10.  If our troops are sent to war to kill the enemy --- they should not be prosecuted for doing their job
11. PINK Slime-It's what's for dinner--
12.  A clean house won't matter when you're dead.  spend time doing what you love/with the  people you love
13.  Don't take advantage of my kindness,.

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