I miss you

I miss you

Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Advice Friday

This may be new to some of you.  I have shut down my Gramma Mean and Lazy fb page.  It was getting me a little off track.
but I still wanted to offer this great service...(Bahahahha)

Free Advice Friday
(you get what you pay for)
1.  Sleep
2.  Say "NO"
3.  Get  divorced when you first think of it.
4.  If you can't be faithful at least be honest.
5.  Stop ignoring your health  (you'll regret it when you get old and divorced- I know I do)
6.  Be strong.  eliminate people who  are rude- mean- toxic
7.  ^ I mean just from YOUR life  don't kill them ---k?
8.  Coffee  yay!!!!
9.  Smile at the assholes in your life.  - You'll feel better, they will be puzzled
10. Go to Church .   It's not all about you!!
11. Stop doing everything for your kids.  they need to learn to do it for themselves 
~I need to heed my own advice.
12. Eat a healthy breakfast!  You never know ~ you may have to fight zombies on your way to work
13.   Thirteen snippets of advice per week. 
                                           HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY.