I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so old yet still so stupid

    Being a mother and a grandmother you'd think I would have some sense.
Twice divorced--- guess no sense in me.  How dare I get rid of those wonderful men.
  I know I let people walk all over me, let them throw their guilt on me,  worry about what
people think,  try to please everyone.
   I just gotta stop doing that.
  but it's funny how you miss people that you remove from your
life for being assholes.  stupid actually.
    Teen age girls are mean, lazy and selfish.   So much so it may prompt me to
have the internet and cable shut off.... just to spite them.  Or maybe just change the
wireless router password.  but still there is no need for TV anyway.   Maybe then
they would learn to read.

             Dating at this age sucks.  

Okay that's it for Thursday.

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