I miss you

I miss you

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey - It's July Already (I miss my kids)

These three are my babies.  14, 10 & 6   .  They left July 1st for their summer visitation with their Dad.
 (My ex-husband-my evil nemesis - but that's another story)
They've been gone for a week now.  I am missing them like crazy.  Although my house is cleaner and there is barely any laundry to do.
My son 18
[my little boy and his prom date]

 and daughter 16 are still home with me but .... barely.   Son is gone (he has his own vehicle) most of the time ...  daughter just bugs me for $ and rides.

this is her at the carnival...... never stopped screaming.

As a mom of eight children... it is quite unsettling to only have 2 home.   Now in all truthfulness I have never had more than 6 kids living at home at once.  The oldest is 30 and the youngest is 6.

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  1. sometimes we feel this day can't come quick enough..........and then when it does we find ourselves lost!! I can relate Cate of eight!! xxxooo