I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stupid me

I guess you could call me stupid
~~ or dumb.

  • I married a misogynist 
Had four babies with him- many more restraining orders.
I divorced him.

  • I married an alcoholic adulterer 
I had four babies with him, too.
I divorced him.

My parents think I am a fool.
I certainly didn't live up to their expectations.
I didn't finish college or even high school.
I am not to be trusted with any major decisions
(just as well my brothers can handle their affairs when they croak)
My kids tell me I am stupid.
I don't do drugs,
 I have never been arrested. 
 I breast fed all 8 of them for at least a year.
They believe the manipulations of a terrorist over their mom.
They are convincing authorities now that I am abusive. 
They have broken my heart yet I go on loving them
I guess I really am stupid.

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  1. Cath--dont ever stop believing in yourself..you are an amazing mom, and person..you have strengths most women dream of having..I know things have never been easy for you, and you have been thru hell with these ex's of yours..but you know what? You are still standing tall..and they still coware down to bullshit..You are loved..bottom line..and thats something nobody can take away.<3