I miss you

I miss you

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nick names

I guess giving nicknames to your children is hereditary.   We all had them.  My Dad was their author.   My brothers were 'Plunkett',  'Keeble'  & 'Pistol'.   I was 'Chibbers'.  Don't ask, I can't explain.  Well Plunkett is from the football great Jim Plunkett...that's the only one that makes any sense.

Some of my  kids are 'Curly',  'La La'  ,   "Poodle", Bibbles, 'kodapuff'' ,   'mackieboy', 'smelsey', 'Ekka'.

some are just variations of their names, some are just out there.  I think it is fun and affectionate. 
so tell me....what are your children's nicknames?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spouting Off

One of my  daughters went on a whale watch today.  One of the many joys of public schools!!!  And she got me thinking of whales  and their spouts.

If only land mammals could blow off steam in such a way. 

Well now we can.   BLOG!
funny how many  people take it ssssssooooooooooooooo   seriously.
Yes I have  8 kids --(all from my womb---no  C section)

yes I love them so very much I would jump in front of a speeding locomotive . / or shell out over $14,000 to keep custody of them.

So to all of my anonymous readers....I Love MY KIDS!!!!!!    and my 4 terrific perfect grandchildren and their Baby daddies/mommas.  

I have been at this wonderful job for 30 years.  How is that for job security.?  I will still be at it when I am 60 and my baby is 18. 

Okay, so now who will change Mom's diapers?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Lice Life

No that is not a typo.  
It is that subject that all moms dread.
It all started years back when my daughter's kids got it....Ugh.
Felt pity, helped her comb out ....
{secretly glad it wasn't us here}

then whamo....last Fall.
all four (long haired) girls.   you  guessed it.

Since then it has been a battle.  Yet, as the oldest girl at home felt no longer the need to visit her father, she no longer was in the battle.
Yup, just the three youngest were in the nit pickin' festival.
Yes, I did all the required----pillows, blankets, sheets, couches  on and on
Killed those lice and combed out their future offspring.
Once again, this morning--seriously.

Of course he is not to blame...heaven forbid.   Yet, he never even saw what they look like nor combed them out   yet claimed to be taking all precautions and to be pro active.  funny.

Oh, crap.
gotta go
my head is itchy now

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's my birthday-please clean your room

Hi Kids-
Let's try to keep things upbeat.
School is almost out (6/20 a& 6/24)
So good thoughts all around.
Contest ends tonight for who wants a cable box in their room.....hurry!!!
Maid has given her notice for 6/21  so just note that you will be responsible for taking care of your own messes.
While we are waiting for the money tree in the back yard to blossom, please be frugal. (look it up in a dictionary)

June 13, 1963!!! 
{celebrate it cuz if I hadn't  been born then neither would you}

Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I have been meaning to do

Oh boy, where to start.
Clean my Room.  which involves finding hangars for my clothes and putting them in the closet.   The most recent way of dealing with such has been to put them on my bed and then at night throw them on my table.  
And again in the  morning I put them back on my bed as a reminder.  So I need to find hangars for them .

Totally gut the bedroom shared by 3 girls.  This will include washing the walls.  They decided while painting with water colors a few months back, to splatter the walls with assorted colors.  Very artistic yet it clashes with the stacks of dirty cups and filthy socks.

Toy boxes- my youngest is 5 and mainly only plays with her doll house.  There is no longer a need for all those preschool toys. 

Organize my paperwork....AKA  mountains of bills I cannot afford to pay, legal invoices that make me cry, birth certificates that need to be filed and safely stored,  court papers in chronological order so I am armed and ready for the big day.

Rewire the house since the electrical outlets have failed in many of the rooms.....funny how the old knob and tube wiring still works fine!  Fix the plumbing ....the bathroom sink drain  unusable for months now,    Reroof the house before it leaks.   Install a new furnace,  

Fill a dumpster with all the junk in the yard left behind by Ex's weirdo friend.    Weed whack.   trim shrubbery, cut back the wisteria that has taken over the yard, and the bittersweet, too.

Wow---today is gonna be busy!!!