I miss you

I miss you

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weekend Away

Think of it.
A weekend away from home.
I took Friday before Labor Day weekend off.
My boyfriend

booked three nights in Provincetown
At a hotel .... our room facing the ocean.

volleyball-to-ptownthe view from our room

where the women are strong
and the men are pretty
(I copied that saying from a T shirt)
Three whole nights!!!
I was excited
I was anxious and my stomach in knots the whole week before.
The weather was good on Friday
But then eh,
not so great
then Sunday morning hit.
The pain
the nausea
The agony of the 60 plus mile ride home on the back of the Road King.
Early Monday morning we left.
Waited until Tuesday to go to the doctor since Monday was a holiday.
The vomitting
and the subsequent peeing of my pants.
The pain.
Doctor sends me to the Emergency Room
I have an ultra sound.... no baby...LOL
Gall Bladder has to go.
perfect place for an IV 
on my right arm 
couldn't even bend it with out the 
alarm going off.

Having a blast
wish you were here.

who would have thought 4 little holes would hurt?

I did have a nice view
from room 301

Missed a week of work... no sick time.
Next year I am staying home.