I miss you

I miss you

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Call Her Tuesday

It's not her name of course
but sometimes it is the day of the week
often referred to in a bad word.

Too bad, because as a child
I like the named of actress
Tuesday Weld.   This has zero
to do with her.

22 days

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Beautiful poem about a mother without her children


The Lawyer’s Note

When The lawyer’s note
Her heart sinks.
Another reminder of the
Children she has lost.
His crisp writing,
Full of righteousness
And eptitude.
A written testimony
To the case
She will never win.
Sometimes babies
Are stolen
Through court cases
That give
The innocent nothing
And reward those
Who are willing to attack.
Sometimes families
Are torn
By selfishness masking
As concern.
And alienation strutting as
The lawyer’s note
Comes and
Must be paid.
Balances weighed
To rob her.
But law speaks
And she must
Obey without delay.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random stuff I enjoy..... in addition to my 8 kids.

I have always liked dollhouses  .... if I ever have free time
maybe I can build one again.

Coastal Maine



riding on the back of Ross's harley



of course only if I am well bundled and have
 a hot cup of coffee.


wild flowers

LOL  this says it all

quaint villages

would love to travel to Great Britain
and tour a castle or two..

seriously my favorite place to shop and

another fun place to shop
and buy bags of useless items.  :)

My favorite holiday.
Food Family & Fun
(and no presents!)



really who doesn't love engagement rings?

Anne Rice's the Mayfair Witches.

anything Harry Potter.


early reading.

I would love to relax on a tropical island
for a few days
had fun hope you liked looking inside
my head for  awhile

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Kathy Handley, author of Birds of Paradise, launches her blog tour

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Kathy Handley, author of Birds of Paradise, launches her blog tour

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stuff I have learned (just this past week!)

It's almost as if my genius brain powers were just activated here in my 49th year.  It's okay... I am a late bloomer.
So anyway  I thought I was going to die last week... Paranoid you say?  Hmm?  Bad reaction to a med I've been taking happily for 2 years.  Oh, well.  I am going to live so that' s the good news.
oh, ya
Stuff I learned this week:
 ` Weaning off an antidepressant is scary.  I am going to miss this security blanket.
`  Stress will attack your body eventually and it will win
`  Random angels will track you down... usually via Facebook and help you in tremendous ways.
`  It's time to do something with your life, Cate.   You are no longer young, nor slim, nor healthy.
`  Stop pleasing everyone... first of all you aren't successful at it anyway.  And it makes you miserable
`  If you say you don't care what people think of you then MEAN IT!    otherwise continue to be miserable and living a life They want you to live.
`  You ya, you Cate   cannot do it on your own.   God is the only one to rely on.  yup just the Big Guy.
`  Some of your kids dislike your boyfriend.... tough cookies.  hahah kids...    you'll be moving out in  a few years anyway.
`  Demand better treatment or get rid of them..... farewell then, eh?
`  Quit Smoking--- you are a moron for keeping this deadly habit....  I can yell at myself..ok?  no one else can, though
`  A good friend always arrives at the right time.     I am blessed to have sisters that are not biological   .... we unite in our pasts of pain and bring out the joy of  NOW
`  Keeping the house clean is a gift to myself.    I like it this way... and by the way I love where I live now.
So today is Sunday
the beginning of another week.... see those genius brain powers.--in action!
I can't wait to learn more stuff.
Soon I will solve all the puzzles of the universe... I mean after all I can program a VCR and set the clock on my microwave.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I just might live.

So excited to think I may recover from this horrid reaction I am having to my antidepressant.
Now I can look forward
Babysitting my EmmaKate.  
Well EmmaKate is my youngest grandchild (until December anyway).   My oldest daughter is her mom.
EmmaKate is a wild girl.   She is almost 3.   This is EmmaKate right after she was born.  I was like the 2nd one to hold her.  

this is Emma with her cousin Camden (my only grandson)....
Anyway I am glad I am going to live.
 I will be watching Emma on the days I don't work  so my daughter can work part-time (she is such a go-getter) and while she is post-partum.
Gotta say I do feel badly for those around me now that I will be antidepressant free for the rest of my days... never do I want to suffer from these side effects again.  Let's hope Emma brings lots of tissues for Gramma