I miss you

I miss you

Monday, August 29, 2011

What our parents did wrong.

Maybe 20 years ago I could list dozens of things that I thought my parents did wrong.  Now, as a Mom and Gramma, yowza, they did a lot RIGHT.

Probably the only thing 'wrong' was to try to 'hide' bad news, bad events from their friends and family.  To make our family look like 'Father Knows Best' or The Brady Bunch.

I guess now I revel a bit too much in the FUN part of dysfuntional ;)


Friday, August 26, 2011


Let's start first with my job.  I know many feel blessed just to have a job, but I love my job.  And it's fun and easy.(shh, don't tell my boss).  I am a receptionist at a hair salon so most of our customers leave happy.  The regulars are great.
Those crazy bitches I work with rock my world.  I sweep for them, answer phone, book appointments,   cash out their customers, order lunch, wash their towels, clean their color bowls, dust, vacuum, order product, price and display products  and more.  We laugh all the time.  They are each unique  ....  some are my age, some older, some younger. But we all have 'being a woman' in common. 
My boss is the best!!!! and the  Nail Girl ;) is as snarky as they come and we have a righteous time analyzing others' faults.  Cuz, like--- ah, duh....she and I are perfect!

Anyway just wanted to get this out there....I love my job.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Last Sleep-over

Sad how all good things must come to an end.  This is the fate of sleep-overs here. 

A few weeks ago my 13 yr old daughter (will refer to her as '13') asked/told me she was having a party
for no reason but our house is for sale and she wanted a party one more time.

ok,  a few girls some snacks....I can do that. 

13 had a few dollars of her own and I suggested that she purchase her own party goods for this event.   {insert bizarre eye-rolling looks}  she got plates and streamers and balloons (pink & green).  Okay, so I guess the food is my job. 

okay now we approach the weekend of the great party....oh, wait I forgot to mention it now has morphed into a sleep-over.  

the rest is a vicious haze...let me just summarize
~~the girls kept arriving....really   there were at least 10 plus my own 5 children that live here!  7 Large Pizzas,   soda, juice, chips donut holes ~~~all gone totally no left overs.

ah, by 2 pm they were all gone....
(ya, of course I was the one who cleaned up --sorry 13 that was your last sleep-over)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deep sigh of relief

Sole legal and physical custody!

Thankful for my lawyer.  She was worth every penny -- $16,000.
Thankful for the Judge's  and GAL's wisdom in seeing the truth.

Thankful for my beautiful children and most of all thankful to God for
His blessings.

Friday, August 12, 2011


REAL TALK: NOBODY EVEN READS THIS ISH: "KAY, so i'm absolutely 100% positive that nobody reads my blogs. well, thats going to change considering my fame is right around the corner...."

Thursday, August 11, 2011

REAL TALK: Being Awesome

REAL TALK: Being Awesome: "A lot of people do not understand the definition of awesome. Luckily i do and i am ready to help! Theres rules to being awesome & steps to r..."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cate8: name droppin'

Cate8: name droppin': "so I am new to the blog world, yet I keep seeing posts about products...and contests and free stuff. Good Morning America! I woke up real..."

Thursday, August 4, 2011


i flippin love my daughter dallas she's so talented & creative!! i'd do anything to please her! she's my favorite child. she's going to be famous one day doing whatever she wants to do & i'll be supporting her all the way!

name droppin'

so I am new to the blog world, yet I keep seeing posts about products...and contests and free stuff.

Good Morning America!
I woke up really early this morning so I could brew a nice pot of Folgers...after all the best part  of wakin' up is Folger's in your cup.
Then I turned on my Dell home computer.  Got a bowl of Coco puffs, and sliced a banana into it. 

On Tuesday I took my four youngest daughters school clothes shopping.  Yes, I am still alive partly because of the good deals we got at Rue 21.  But we started our hunt at Target... mostly for underwear and such.  (bras for teens are expensive)  My baby, Patience, lucked out there. She found some fab clothes based on some Disney show  even a fedora!!!  How cute will that be for kindergarten? 
Then off to visit Patience's friends at Old Navy...she loves those mannequins at the front.  A pair of jeans, 2 shirts and a coffee travel mug (for me) there.

Then into Justice--Lib had a gift card to finish using up.  After all this we needed lunch and a rest. So into the Friendly's Express.   First time for us in there....quite impressed...plus no tipping !!  unless you tip yourself since you are the waitress (kinda)..plus M-W kids meals were $1.99!!!!  can't beat that!

Then I popped into DressBarn cuz well, it was right there...and bought myself a lovely summer dress (clearance) and earrings...$26.
and oh, ya Yankee Candle   cuz I needed one!!!

Then to JC Penney mostly for Liberty.   She liked the stuff in there.

To sum it up best deal of the day was at Rue 21-- Dallas and Dakota got a total of 4 pair of jeans and 9 tops and 1 belt  ... for $160!!!  loved the funkiness of the clothes in there.

I'm done....(but they think we are going shopping again!!!--silly girls)