I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stupid me

I guess you could call me stupid
~~ or dumb.

  • I married a misogynist 
Had four babies with him- many more restraining orders.
I divorced him.

  • I married an alcoholic adulterer 
I had four babies with him, too.
I divorced him.

My parents think I am a fool.
I certainly didn't live up to their expectations.
I didn't finish college or even high school.
I am not to be trusted with any major decisions
(just as well my brothers can handle their affairs when they croak)
My kids tell me I am stupid.
I don't do drugs,
 I have never been arrested. 
 I breast fed all 8 of them for at least a year.
They believe the manipulations of a terrorist over their mom.
They are convincing authorities now that I am abusive. 
They have broken my heart yet I go on loving them
I guess I really am stupid.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How I used to love him

These  pictures break my heart.
How does a man that I once thought walked on water
turn into
hating me so
much he would try to
take away my life?
He forgets it was HIS mother and sister that
tried to have him 'sectioned'
that begged me to get  a restraining order
that forced me to call his Case Manager and
rat him out for being AWOL.
Our daughters deserve two parents
not two warring countries.
So now that the courts have decided that I am to have sole legal/physical
I have become the  MEAN UNSTABLE ABUSIVE Parent???
There are only so many times you can call DCF before they ignore you.
I don't care that you cheated on me & denied it
I don't care that you were addicted to  pills and treated me like shit as I tried to stop you.
Just leave us alone, stop taking me to court.... be a father .... not  a terrorist.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey - It's July Already (I miss my kids)

These three are my babies.  14, 10 & 6   .  They left July 1st for their summer visitation with their Dad.
 (My ex-husband-my evil nemesis - but that's another story)
They've been gone for a week now.  I am missing them like crazy.  Although my house is cleaner and there is barely any laundry to do.
My son 18
[my little boy and his prom date]

 and daughter 16 are still home with me but .... barely.   Son is gone (he has his own vehicle) most of the time ...  daughter just bugs me for $ and rides.

this is her at the carnival...... never stopped screaming.

As a mom of eight children... it is quite unsettling to only have 2 home.   Now in all truthfulness I have never had more than 6 kids living at home at once.  The oldest is 30 and the youngest is 6.