I miss you

I miss you

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parent Power

Oh, boy.  Just watching a news report about a student in NJ who wore a sweatshirt with a Confederate flag on it.  School adminstrator told  her to turn it inside out.   ~~ now you can imagine the backlash.   Regardless of the social, historical, racial implications   what is the main point of this ???

              The school teacher/principal/custodian/lunch lady    TOLD   her ( a child, student, minor) to reverse the shirt or change it.    
  End of story for me.

Parents need to teach their children to respect their school personnel....always.  (yes, I know, some abuse their position and may harm kids---thus a parent's job to stay involved)

    Now if I could just get my kids to clean their rooms .......

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fantasy Land {or- what I want for Christmas}

So every gift giving holiday
I ask the kids for one thing..... for them to clean their rooms
since we are heading into fantasy territory just making that request, I will go further into my wishes.
cozy reading nook.

my own private cottage with lovely garden sanctuary.


Oops, Cath, wake up.
Last year I hung my stocking in the upstairs hall near the children's rooms.  In hopes that it would be filled... 
  It is still hanging there ..   EMPTY.
Seriously...if my kids would get together and clean and organized their rooms I would be happy and proud.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saftler's Razed

Saftlers Whitman mv 11032011-11.jpgThis is what I saw on the front page of The Enterprise this afternoon......
It sent me whirling back to my childhood.
This is where my brother Barry and I spent many hours with our Mom.   I hated it as a child  probably would still as an adult, but I don't sew.  Don't even know how to thread the machine.

My Mom made many of our clothes.   Even into  my high school years I was wearing homemade dresses.   Check out the BR Class of '81 yearbook......    The amount of time and love sewn into each garment was amazing.  She still sews.  Mostly for American Girl Dolls now. 

Looking through the pattern drawers was my favorite thing.

It is sad to see such a business fail....
gone the way of book stores, 5 and dimes, and all the childhood memories.