I miss you

I miss you

Friday, March 30, 2012

-Free Advice Friday-

As always  you get what you pay for, right?

1.  If you don't play your Mega Millions numbers you have NO chance to win.
2.  Just say NO when your Mom offers to fly out and decorate the nursery
3.  Breastfeed.
4.  Fox 25 morning news is just not the same without Dougie and Kim
5.  A little stressed lately since my boyfriend had a heart attack on Saturday.  So anyway it's never too late/early to start taking care of your BODY.  exercise, eat well, remove stress.
6.  Welcoming suggestions for teen reform.  I failed initially at teaching my kids how to live respectfully and be helpful---but it's never too late
7.  The government should offer free vasectomies and tubal ligations
8.  Cats are smarter than dogs and just as loving
9.  If a man hits you once-he will hit you again (and again)
10. Do not wear a hoodie
11. Pajama pants in public are allowable if you are under the age of 7--- No exceptions.
12. Lovely owners of muffin tops (I am one)  BUY pants one size bigger!  You will actually look slimmer.
13.  Spend more time away from your computer/laptop/i-phone/i-pad---- enjoy the real world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life's Big Surprises

Oh, boy.
Saturday night's the night for going to the ER.
My sweetie had a heart attack.  Hard to believe.
He is fine now and home.   One stent. 
What a wake up call for us both.
It makes it hard that we are not married and do not live together.
I worry about him.
Praise God he is okay and we went to the ER right away.
And then they transfered him ASAP.
The cardiologist was great.  All the medical staff was.
We are blessed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

$363 Million

What would you do with all or part of it?  For example what would you do with, say, $100 million or more.
    First of all you'd be so busy talking to all your new friends...LOL
I would share my money with my brothers, parents and children and grandchildren.  A few (FEW) close friends.
I would donate to Teen Challenge and my Church.

Anyway tonight in Massachusetts (and other states) the Mega Millions jackpot is up to $363 million.  My co-workers and I  have a ticket  so we will have to split it.  So now I am down to $30 million---practically poorhouse !!!

Let me know how it would change your life.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Advice Friday

Here we are again -- Friday.

And now for my fabulous advice:(mostly stuff I need to do for myself)

1.  You're never too old to get healthy and fit
2.  When it is just easier to do it yourself--- STOP---  it's not all about you!
this could be a learning moment for your children/others
3.  COFFee
4.  Get organized--- it will save time and aggravation
5.  Read a book
6.  Wow this advice is lame
7.  Dance in the morning in your PJs
8.  Tell people who bring you down or hurt you to buzz off
9.  Have your teeth cleaned twice a year (this one is for you Caren)
10.  If our troops are sent to war to kill the enemy --- they should not be prosecuted for doing their job
11. PINK Slime-It's what's for dinner--
12.  A clean house won't matter when you're dead.  spend time doing what you love/with the  people you love
13.  Don't take advantage of my kindness,.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Advice Friday

This may be new to some of you.  I have shut down my Gramma Mean and Lazy fb page.  It was getting me a little off track.
but I still wanted to offer this great service...(Bahahahha)

Free Advice Friday
(you get what you pay for)
1.  Sleep
2.  Say "NO"
3.  Get  divorced when you first think of it.
4.  If you can't be faithful at least be honest.
5.  Stop ignoring your health  (you'll regret it when you get old and divorced- I know I do)
6.  Be strong.  eliminate people who  are rude- mean- toxic
7.  ^ I mean just from YOUR life  don't kill them ---k?
8.  Coffee  yay!!!!
9.  Smile at the assholes in your life.  - You'll feel better, they will be puzzled
10. Go to Church .   It's not all about you!!
11. Stop doing everything for your kids.  they need to learn to do it for themselves 
~I need to heed my own advice.
12. Eat a healthy breakfast!  You never know ~ you may have to fight zombies on your way to work
13.   Thirteen snippets of advice per week. 
                                           HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so old yet still so stupid

    Being a mother and a grandmother you'd think I would have some sense.
Twice divorced--- guess no sense in me.  How dare I get rid of those wonderful men.
  I know I let people walk all over me, let them throw their guilt on me,  worry about what
people think,  try to please everyone.
   I just gotta stop doing that.
  but it's funny how you miss people that you remove from your
life for being assholes.  stupid actually.
    Teen age girls are mean, lazy and selfish.   So much so it may prompt me to
have the internet and cable shut off.... just to spite them.  Or maybe just change the
wireless router password.  but still there is no need for TV anyway.   Maybe then
they would learn to read.

             Dating at this age sucks.  

Okay that's it for Thursday.