I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When I get back

{NOTE:  this blog is full of sarcasm and whimsy--not all posts are autobiographical} [ -that's a note for my ex, he likes to follow my life--]
I keep trying to schedule time for my nervous breakdown
so, anyway when I get back from my 'rest' I plan on being a superchick

Once I am mentally and physically rested and restored I will be able to tackle the
never ending tasks.  Our house will be clean, organized and filled with love.
My body will be trim and muscular.  My children will be polite and smiling.
My schedule will allow hours of fun time spent with my children and grandchildren.
My mother will finally be proud of me.

Okay, what's the phone number for Nervous Breakdowns R Us?  Need to schedule that because
an unplanned psychotic break can be so messy and down right socially ostracizing not to mention rude.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ya, Ya,  okay..... I am like an ostrich.... I bury my head in the sand when tough decisions come along....and just tonight I was talking to one of my successful older kids...(ie...supporting herself) and she is the same way..
huge impacting life decisions and I want to postpone it 'til the last minute ...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Ex follows my blog

I guess I should feel honored, right?  I mean I am pretty fabulous and I am sure he is still devestated by me leaving him. 
I found out that he was a avid follower of my blog in court during our divorce trial.....silly boy.  He tried to use my sarcasm against me.  I found it funny that he didn't bring up the 'lice' post or others...hmmmm.

But thanks Jason   you confirm that I must have a million anonymous followers which is why I have made over $6.12 from my blog since April....
oops, maybe I shouldn't write then since he will want half of it!!!!

Well better get moving here, I have to pick up the kids from his 'weekend'  since he still has no license to drive  going on three years now from the last OUI arrest.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Mom, it's hot"

Yes, dear, it is.  If only I could control the weather or afford to put the a/c on. 
Let's just pretend we live in Hawaii and it is always warm.  Imagine this nice heat in January!
so kiddies--let's start fixing things we can control
for example your rooms, wouldn't it be great if it was clean all the time and if we all did our chores as expected.
Maybe then mean ole moms would put those a/c units in the window and actually turn  them on!
Anyway let's hope the night cools and the fans suck in that 'chilly' air.
But I am so thankful it is summer and I have more time with my  kids since they have no school

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I really want to take all my kids on a vacation.   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  not possible.  But!!! I am going to try to take the 5 kids that live at home on a mini vacation.   I was thinking of 6 Flags NE.   Drive out there early and I mean really early.   Spend the day getting scared on rides, consuming cotton candy & greasy burgers (YUM!!)  and then a motel  stay (2 rooms of course ) and then drive home. 

Do my kids like amusement parks  ???  
I don't know
But I love them!