I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


ya, whatever 
it is inevitable that parents will traumatize their offspring
          I say why not have  fun doing it.
seriously---all those stupid play dates, dance class, soccer practices  that you drive the snot nosed brats to... and then they just want more.  Dairy Queen, McDonalds, new clothes from that ridiculous Justice,  cell phones, I - pods,  DSIs,
♦but they are unable to clean their rooms or be polite to their grandparents or any other company
♣Chores??? you must be hitting the crack pipe---the chores are assigned and ignored. 
 All those stupid +Chore Charts+  I have printed up are quickly shredded and thrown on the floor...cuz they don't know where the trash barrel is.
above photo is what I want to do to their laptops, tvs, American girl dolls, I-phones,  Hollister clothes, 
iced coffees,  dirty laundry, and most,  of all their room,

so instead of being bitter and resentful of all the crap you do for you kids and the back talk you get for doing it WRONG
I say, screw it!  
 Be a super bad Mother....go out drinking with the grocery money, forget their birthdays, half days,  school plays...
hook up with bad men and introduce them as Uncle____.    Make sure there is a different one each month.]

Find goodie two shoe moms to watch your kids for the vacations and weekends so you can check out new bars. 
 Get arrested for drunk driving so you can't drive them to their friends' houses. 
 Hope for the best--maybe one of your nosey relatives will report you to DSS and then the kids can go stay with them for awhile.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


At my job I meet a lot of great people, and on a casual basis, come to know and like them.  They are there to get their hair or nails done, so they are happy and always leave looking and feeling better.. So all in all it is a great place to work.

As I mentioned before I get to like some of them, look forward to their next visit and hear more about their lives. 

then they ruin it all by showing their ignorance.  so because you made that comment about   [gay] [colored] [________] people I now realize that you are a bigoted douchebag and I no longered think highly of you and would actually prefer if you went elsewhere or at least didn't come in when I am working.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Children--raised badly

and I am the one to blame
guess my mother was right
they are rude

embarassing to me
that I did such
bad job.
slap in the face
then a request for
or a

are you kidding me?
the jokes on

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I need a wife

As the debate between who works harder working moms or stay at home moms rages...I can only think I need a wife.   I love my job and wouldn't it be great to come home from work and just know that the supper was cooking, the kids were on their way to cheerleading practice, driver ed,  (whatever  cuz if I had a wife I wouldn't even have to think about it)

She would do all the gift shopping, decorating (although i did have an ex-husband who loved to decorate-but that is a whole 'nother blog), take kids to their doctor and dental appts,  send Christmas cards, birthday card to my parents and relatives,  plan me a great birthday party.  And if I had to stay late at work or meet co-workers for a drink she would handle the homefront til I return.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


it is really pretty simple
we are all sinners
and the really bad ones go to
Church every Sunday

so that's where I'll be this morning
from 9 AM til 12 noon.
it helps to laugh at my failures as
a Christian because if I dwelt on it
too long
I would just perish in shame

Monday, May 9, 2011


this sweet boy,
so gentle with his little sister

now he is 17
6' 2"
     so I live in fear.
if I say #YES#  all goes well 
but the *NO* 

sends him over the edge

"Whine" gives me a headache in the morning

 Lib:     I HAVE NO TIME
Mom:   you have 2 hours

oh, yes, don't we all.

but after all it's Monday the weekly holiday for stay at home moms  (I am working Wed, Thurs, & Fri--so this still applies to me on Mon. and Tues)
soon those yellow buses will be at the door to collect the children
if your life is like mine then it is a frustrating day trying to undo the mess from the weekend and entertain the kids who are not yet in school... I have it easy in that area my 5 year old entertains herself and me!!
so yippee  yow kiaaaayyy   It's Monday.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Crack for mom--  I admit I am addicted.  6 cups brewed at home in the morning mostly gone by the time I leave for work.  Quite often a stop by Dunkin' Donuts on the way to work for  a large Iced Mocha milk only - easy on the ice  (you get more coffee that way).   Then on my way home I will treat myself to a Mary Lou's Frozen Minty Lou....yum-but mostly ice and milk   doubt if there is any coffee in that one.

These subtle addictions are the hardest to break... everyone drinks it, offers it, carries it around with them.  as bad as a food addiction except you don't get dirty looks if you are drinking a coffee when you are fat like you would if you were eating McDonalds.  then you get the looks like : "oh, boy look at that fatty...have they no self control?"  all the while they are sucking down their liquid crack.

I'd rather give up booze than coffee...and that is saying  a lot.  but there again it is a socially approved addiction.   You can't show up at your kid's school sucking down 40oz Natty Ice  but you can arrive with a grande skinny latte...and walk around proudly cuz you dropped the big bucks at Starbucks.

gotta go. the coffee is done brewing...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


finally a rant about men.
    ha,  forget it....they aren't worth my time.
oh, there are those good husbands that spend time with their kids  taking them to soccer, reading, playdates  etc.... helping with the housework   these are what I call fantasy dads.  {well my son-in-law is close to perfect}

so much easier to not have a husband (co-parent) in the house.  then i don't expect any help and i am
not disappointed

so many liars, cheaters and losers out there.  and the kids are the ones to suffer

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

am i allowed to hate some kids?

i truly dislike some children
they make my skin crawl.

just returning from a 'club' my kids are in and I help out with.
one child there is pure evil wrapped up on the outside by high intelligence
and extreme butt kissing skills.
you know one of those kids who knows alllll the answers and volunteers for everything
but it is so touchy and physical the kids  its age avoid it and it only has the younger kids to \\
manipulate and torture.
the type of kid that probably skins alive its hamster.

then my  youngest want to invite it over for playdates

sorry people assume that since I have 8 kids I like children in general
I severly do not.
I do get a lot of joy out of my own and many others but this one puts me over the edge.

I know some kids are weird... today my baby Patience (age 5) spent sometime outside.... burying and exhuming dead stuffed animals...  all  good wholesome fun....   for us New England Rednecks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My dog is depressed

adding to the bad mother infractions
^^I am also a bad pet owner - made Daisy go to my older son's for the weekend so I could ride off on a Harley.  Daisy (an English Mastiff/Great Dane)  has slept all day, won't eat and keeps giving sad puppy eyes. 


why did i come home?

I had such a great weekend with Ross.  Left for VT Sat. AM  with Eben and Jan.  That was cold since the sun didn't come  out.  Met up with Bob and Cindy in NH for lunch.  The motel in Brattleboro was cheap and smelly and had the hardest beds!  oh well we left early to go to the swap meet in Keene.  Swapmeet was great if you like bike parts and chrome and all that stuff....zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Ross did buy me a Tshirt. :).  and another shirt at the Harley store.

nice Sunny ride home...

but now home
rude selfish children
yet, I cannot endlessly moan about them because
I RAISED THEM  so it is my fault