I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


ya, whatever 
it is inevitable that parents will traumatize their offspring
          I say why not have  fun doing it.
seriously---all those stupid play dates, dance class, soccer practices  that you drive the snot nosed brats to... and then they just want more.  Dairy Queen, McDonalds, new clothes from that ridiculous Justice,  cell phones, I - pods,  DSIs,
♦but they are unable to clean their rooms or be polite to their grandparents or any other company
♣Chores??? you must be hitting the crack pipe---the chores are assigned and ignored. 
 All those stupid +Chore Charts+  I have printed up are quickly shredded and thrown on the floor...cuz they don't know where the trash barrel is.
above photo is what I want to do to their laptops, tvs, American girl dolls, I-phones,  Hollister clothes, 
iced coffees,  dirty laundry, and most,  of all their room,

so instead of being bitter and resentful of all the crap you do for you kids and the back talk you get for doing it WRONG
I say, screw it!  
 Be a super bad Mother....go out drinking with the grocery money, forget their birthdays, half days,  school plays...
hook up with bad men and introduce them as Uncle____.    Make sure there is a different one each month.]

Find goodie two shoe moms to watch your kids for the vacations and weekends so you can check out new bars. 
 Get arrested for drunk driving so you can't drive them to their friends' houses. 
 Hope for the best--maybe one of your nosey relatives will report you to DSS and then the kids can go stay with them for awhile.


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