I miss you

I miss you

Friday, August 26, 2011


Let's start first with my job.  I know many feel blessed just to have a job, but I love my job.  And it's fun and easy.(shh, don't tell my boss).  I am a receptionist at a hair salon so most of our customers leave happy.  The regulars are great.
Those crazy bitches I work with rock my world.  I sweep for them, answer phone, book appointments,   cash out their customers, order lunch, wash their towels, clean their color bowls, dust, vacuum, order product, price and display products  and more.  We laugh all the time.  They are each unique  ....  some are my age, some older, some younger. But we all have 'being a woman' in common. 
My boss is the best!!!! and the  Nail Girl ;) is as snarky as they come and we have a righteous time analyzing others' faults.  Cuz, like--- ah, duh....she and I are perfect!

Anyway just wanted to get this out there....I love my job.

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