I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stuff I have learned (just this past week!)

It's almost as if my genius brain powers were just activated here in my 49th year.  It's okay... I am a late bloomer.
So anyway  I thought I was going to die last week... Paranoid you say?  Hmm?  Bad reaction to a med I've been taking happily for 2 years.  Oh, well.  I am going to live so that' s the good news.
oh, ya
Stuff I learned this week:
 ` Weaning off an antidepressant is scary.  I am going to miss this security blanket.
`  Stress will attack your body eventually and it will win
`  Random angels will track you down... usually via Facebook and help you in tremendous ways.
`  It's time to do something with your life, Cate.   You are no longer young, nor slim, nor healthy.
`  Stop pleasing everyone... first of all you aren't successful at it anyway.  And it makes you miserable
`  If you say you don't care what people think of you then MEAN IT!    otherwise continue to be miserable and living a life They want you to live.
`  You ya, you Cate   cannot do it on your own.   God is the only one to rely on.  yup just the Big Guy.
`  Some of your kids dislike your boyfriend.... tough cookies.  hahah kids...    you'll be moving out in  a few years anyway.
`  Demand better treatment or get rid of them..... farewell then, eh?
`  Quit Smoking--- you are a moron for keeping this deadly habit....  I can yell at myself..ok?  no one else can, though
`  A good friend always arrives at the right time.     I am blessed to have sisters that are not biological   .... we unite in our pasts of pain and bring out the joy of  NOW
`  Keeping the house clean is a gift to myself.    I like it this way... and by the way I love where I live now.
So today is Sunday
the beginning of another week.... see those genius brain powers.--in action!
I can't wait to learn more stuff.
Soon I will solve all the puzzles of the universe... I mean after all I can program a VCR and set the clock on my microwave.

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