I miss you

I miss you

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I just might live.

So excited to think I may recover from this horrid reaction I am having to my antidepressant.
Now I can look forward
Babysitting my EmmaKate.  
Well EmmaKate is my youngest grandchild (until December anyway).   My oldest daughter is her mom.
EmmaKate is a wild girl.   She is almost 3.   This is EmmaKate right after she was born.  I was like the 2nd one to hold her.  

this is Emma with her cousin Camden (my only grandson)....
Anyway I am glad I am going to live.
 I will be watching Emma on the days I don't work  so my daughter can work part-time (she is such a go-getter) and while she is post-partum.
Gotta say I do feel badly for those around me now that I will be antidepressant free for the rest of my days... never do I want to suffer from these side effects again.  Let's hope Emma brings lots of tissues for Gramma

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