I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Football and Sundays

As a child I grew up with TV sports.   Hockey --  The Bruins' Bobby Orr and Phil Espisito,  Baseball- Red Sox-- Carl Yastremski (sp?).... Football !!!!!  Plunkit, Namath  and more.   Even Dan Marino #13 for the Dolphins as I got older.... He is so fine ...(getting sidetracked here)

Both of my ex-husbands were NOT sports fans.   Such a disappointment.  Oh, #2 liked his NASCAR and Golf---weirdo!

Now as a single mom I can enjoy the yelling & and sideline coaching without restraint.   My kids will walk through the living room rolling their eyes at me or holler down from their rooms "Mom, are you alright?" 

Today my 6 year old daughter keeps trying to steal the remote and change it to "Good Luck, Charlie"  Pure heresy in my view  and must be blamed on genetics (her father's genes--FAIL)   

Go Patriots!!!!  Nothing better than to scream at the TV just like my Dad does. 
Oh, yes, I am ready for some football....all the way to the Super Bowl Baby!!!!   \\

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