I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warning to stay at home moms

It is a noble  career to be a stay at home mom
It is the most important and difficult job on this planet.
It is also dangerous.
for you
a woman.
You may  be happily in love with your husband now
and I pray you will always remain so.
Sadly this is not always how it works out.
Those precious years you have spent
raising a healthy well adjusted child
could be damaging to you  and your children
One day Hubby decides his secretary is nicer
hotter and has no spit up on her shirt.

He leaves.
You don't understand him anymore.(or so he says)
No income
No recent job resume

\what next?
court, child support if you can get him to pay
then custody trial.
Well then
You can't support the children in an acceptable manner?
You had to move in with your parents
and squeeze all of you into their basement?
That's not acceptable for the children.
Hubby is in a much better place to care for the
children financially.
Oh, this won't happen to you?

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