I miss you

I miss you

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not sure what Parental Alienation is? I post this because my alienator reads my blog

Not sure what Parental Alienation is?

Simple example: A couple gets divorced. Doesn't matter why. What matters is that one of the spouses wants control of the children. They may want that control because they believe they are the best parent for the child/children or they may want that control because they want to hurt the other spouse by taking away the one thing that matters most to them or they may want that control because they are simply incapable of "sharing" the children or they may have a new spouse who wants to become the new parent and that parent goes along with it for their own selfish reasons.
Whatever the reason, this parent known as the alienator, will go to great lengths to make sure the children no longer have a relationship with that other parent. They will make up stories about that parent that will influence how the children feel and think about that parent, they will recruit anyone who is willing to listen and side with them, including teachers, principals, doctors, police and even this parent's own family. Especially when these family members already have "issues" with that person, even though these "issues" have nothing to do with the children. They will even go as far as implanting fabricated memories that create fear into these children minds, to help further develop the illusion that these children are choosing of their own free will not to want a relationship with that parent. They will also relocate these children hundreds of miles from the other parent in order to put as much physical distance as possible between them and their other parent so that they can more easily "control" these children's feelings towards the lost parent.
The end result? A completely severed relationship with one parent and that is called Parental Alienation. Who suffers the most from Parental Alienation? THE CHILDREN!

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