I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brilliant disguise

yup, you guessed it....  Bruce Springsteen  cd  in the van tonight.   like this song    'we stood at the altar,the gypsy swore our future was bright, but in the wee wee hours, maybe baby, the gypsy lied"

just replaying in my mind what a fool I was during my second marriage..  believed everything he said and I thought he walked on water.   that's first mistake-worshipping a human.  and so many other mistakes.  but 4 great girls so I have no regrets  (this applies to the first marriage, too, but he was even worse-physically abusive,)

when you look at me you'd better look hard and look twice--it it me baby or just a brilliant disguise..?

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