I miss you

I miss you

Thursday, April 28, 2011


(legal disclaimer--this will violate just about everyone's civil rights)

shut up, you  loser,  I'm not gonna clean it, shut up or I'm gonna throw your castle away and your stupid dolls,  you faggot,  you suck, you're ugly, you're fat,  you smell,  i hate you,  you little pervert,  i'm not gonna clean it (they say that a lot) ,  you are white,  you're gonna get in trouble,  mother fucker, i'm gonna slap you, i am gonna freaking kill you,  fatty,  faggot, ya,go all josh on me,  zit face, consuela you're mexican,  time to freakin' die you ugly hags,  nigger, cracker, sissy, there are  boogie men under your bed, do it again,  ask mom,  mom said,  i swear to god i am gonna kill both of you,  i didn't mess it up,  you suck,  wtf, omg,   i didn't do it,  get her,  go ffreakin die,  that's mine,  mom, she stole my shirt,  I have nothing to wear,  get out of my room,  my weave is on the floor,

(it goes on and on)

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