I miss you

I miss you

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

school vacation

-----yard work as kids watch TV

just luv it when my 9 yr old daughter has a friend over and they totally exclude my 5 yr old daughter  to the point of tears and tantrums.
oh, well it is a good life lesson to learn that as mean as your siblings may be you will meet meaner people once you hit the real world.

so glad I paid the cable bill and got it turned back on yesterday--what would the cherubs do without TV phone or internet??/---probably
call child services on me with an abuse/neglect complaint

think I broke my middle finger (right hand) when I dropped a granite boulder on it..... guess I will  have to use the left one til it heals

so if I just look at the gardens and one small area   my yard looks great.  now if i can get a dumpster to put all the junk from the guy who used to live in my shed...  ah, a long story. 

and in the midst of all this  I am trying to cut back on my alcohol consumption.....   idiot I am

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