I miss you

I miss you

Monday, April 25, 2011


weirdness is the place i am in
i am a gram,a mom,a daughter
no longer a wife
i have grown kids, teen kids, little kids
old house, no money
a cat and dog

as it has been the case for all my life
i don't fit in
i can't hang with friends my age
cuz they have the  freedom of grown kids that i don't have

moms of 5 yr olds are my daughter's age or younger..

and i am still letting my parents down after all these years
that is a burden i need to let go of.

my kids ignore me and disrespect me
and then laugh at me and expect me to laugh along

fyi--it hurts

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  1. I have a six year old and I'm definitely not your daughter's age :)

    Most of the moms I've met (last year at the MECC and this year at MKG are my age or older)