I miss you

I miss you

Monday, April 25, 2011


lovely day
patience rode her bike for a mile as i ran along side her.
then she played school with her american girl doll  kanani

teens arrive at home
dallas(14) and dakota(13) proceed to torture 5 yr old patience by
scaring her and screaming for no reason

mack(16) along with his friend now light sticks on fire (like survivor)
and run around the yard 

stereo blasting with music (unedited)  so we are grooving to "tonight i'm f*cking you"
so much fun here.   seriously no wonder the little kids are horrible and fresh
dallas is imitating a pole dancer   but hey she did put away the dishes that have been sitting there for days
what do the parenting mags say about this??  geesh...try parenting in a world where you can no longer smack your kids, and add a non custodial parent that tries to micromanage yet is unable to help in any practical  way   ---he has no driver's license (OUI)

take away laptops, i-pods, ds i, cell phones---i'd rather take them out in the woods and beat them

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